What Are The Pros And Cons Of An Acid Reflux Diet

An acid reflux diet, by definition is a method of eating that eliminates many foods that can trigger a powerful attack of acid reflux. There are, as with any meal plan, restricted or otherwise, pros and cons.

Some of the cons of an acid reflux diet are:

* You have to give up greasy and high fat foods in order to prevent heartburn

* You will have to eat more frequently and in smaller quantities so that you do not feel overfull and then feel sick

* Many full fat items will either need to be switched over to a lower fat item or completely removed if there is no "low fat" option available

* You won't be able to eat oranges, lemons, grapefruit or limes because they are too acidic

* You will have to either reduce or eliminate coffee and any other beverage containing caffeine

* You will have to avoid sauces and foods that contain tomatoes

* You will have to remove spicy foods from your diet

Some of the pros of an acid reflux diet are:

* Eating lower fat foods will help you to lose weight;

* Eating more frequently and in smaller quantities will stop you from feeling hungry all of the time;

* You will be able to finally break your dependence on caffeine;

* You will feel much better because you will not be suffering from repeated bouts of reflux

* Losing weight with changes to your diet will also help to decrease the frequency of reflux attacks

* You will be able to sleep better at night without bothersome heartburn keeping you awake

* You will probably save a lot of money on your grocery bill, because healthier food is much less expensive than junky and higher fat items

The pros will soon outweigh the cons as you change your eating habits to adjust to your acid reflux diet. There really is nothing more satisfying than being able to eat a meal and relax afterwards, knowing that you won't have to deal with the burning pain that slowly rises up from your stomach.

Many of us really have no idea how changing some of our habits can improve our lives drastically. Simple changes to your eating habits to conform to an acid reflux diet can really go a very long way in helping you in many aspects of your life. Once you change your eating habits, you will start to lose excess weight which can be one of the biggest issues that can cause acid reflux.