Natural Heartburn Relief - 4 Places to Find Common Remedies

Heartburn is a gastrointestinal disorder that affects many people worldwide. It is caused by excess acids in the stomach. These acids swell up and rise to the esophagus causing extreme discomfort. If you are experiencing severe heartburn, you can start looking for natural heartburn relief in the following places:

1. A mentholated gum inside your purse- A piece of gum can provide you with immediate relief. Chewing gum stimulates the production of saliva. The saliva then goes through your throat and down your esophagus. It protects your esophagus from the acids in your stomach. Moreover, gum chewing keeps the swallowing reflex going. This helps keep the food down your stomach.

2. Basic ingredients found in your kitchen- Next place to look for natural heartburn relief is your kitchen. There are a lot of food items that you can use to get rid of heartburn pain. One example is banana. A ripe banana can deliver fast and immediate relief. Almonds can also lessen the pain and discomfort brought about by heartburn, as well as a few slices of apple. For beverage, you can try drinking lemon juice. You may be aware that lemon is acidic. But lemon turns into alkaline once it reaches your stomach, making it a good natural heartburn relief. Lemons help neutralize the acid build-up in your system.

3. OTC drugs from a nearby health store- Health stores are good places to look for natural heartburn relief. Try researching online for health supplements that can prevent heartburn. Better yet, talk to the store personnel and ask if he or she can recommend something for you. Dried fruits like papaya can help stop heartburn and prevent it from reoccurring.

4. Selected items from grocery stores- All of the items mentioned above can be bought in your local grocery store. Of course, there are other food items that you can purchase to help curb your heartburn pain. Yogurt contains pro-biotics that can help your digestive system work properly. They get rid of the acids in your stomach and promote good digestion. Cabbage can also soothe the pain you feel. Mix it together with apple, and you have instant relief against heartburn. If your heartburn episodes are more frequent, replace red meat with white meat such as chicken or fish. The latter is easier to digest.

Methods to Stop Heartburn

Heartburn can happen to anybody. If you are always experiencing it, you might want to try to look at your lifestyle. You can also modify your diet, do some exercises and lessen your alcohol intake. Eat slowly and chew your food well. All these things can help stop heartburn.

Before taking any medicines for heartburn, you might want to consider doing any of the natural heartburn relief options mentioned above. Medicines are helpful, but alternative remedies are safer and as effective.